As a voice-over bilingual professional my aptitudes can be applied in a varied scope of niches that go from commercial, e-learning, corporate, animation, and acting services. These are available both in English and Spanish. Upon these vocal storytelling services, I accumulate experience within the music industry as a vocalist, offering outstanding covers in pop, R&B, and rock genres.

Regarding acting, I’ve successfully finished the Television Acting Course at The Player’s Conservatory, taught by the talented British actor Sean Maguire.

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Acquired skills

Through the years I’ve accomplished various steppingstones that have led me to this present time in which I’ve dominated skills vital for an artist:

  • Vocal technique across genres.
  • Developing my own sound.
  • Voice-over authenticity.
  • Proper phrasing.
  • R&B riffling.
  • Shouting correctness.
  • Scaling pattern narrator.
  • Rhythmic articulation.    

As for my acting capabilities via The Player’s Conservatory and the course for television acting your business will acquire an actor capable of:

  • Film television.
  • Stage acting.
  • Scene performance.
  • Practical techniques.  

These are some professional abilities you or your business can count with when hiring my voice-over, vocalists and acting solutions, and yes; at a bilingual scope. Send me your voice-over and/or musical necessities via form (#contactpage) or email (#contactpage).  

Are you ready?

Fantastic! Indulge with my experience and send me the commercial, e-learning, corporate, animation, and acting preliminaries you desire to capture your brand’s voice, tone and style.

My passions

Other aspects that can provide you with a better view, Voice-Over Lorena, in a succinct presentation is my passions for a life-long learning thirst. Amid the food, music and social wellness industries, striving constantly to better me and subsequently expanding into society.  



Lorena Montes

Lorena Montes

As a voice-over bilingual professional my aptitudes can be applied in a varied scope of niches that go from commercial, e-learning, corporate, animation, and acting services. These are available both in English and Spanish.