Lorena Montes

Lorena Montes (5)

As a voice-over bilingual professional my aptitudes can be applied in a varied scope of niches that go from commercial, e-learning, corporate, animation, and acting services. These are available both in English and Spanish.

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My Equipment

Voice-Over Studio & EquipmentTo your business’ advantage I provide my own professional home studio and equipment to produce top-notch voice-over services offering a curated tone, style, and finished in a shorter period of time. At the home studio I produce all services with professional equipment to offer high-quality final products comprised on: You…

Working Space

Voice-Over Working SpaceBeing an all-round voice-over and actress bilingual (English-Spanish) professional I provide a working space with my own home recording studio. In this space, I excel as a bilingual singer, voice actor and actress who loves to have fun, learn and explore new niches. Always striving to achieve EXCELLENCE!…


As a voice-over bilingual professional my aptitudes can be applied in a varied scope of niches that go from commercial, e-learning, corporate, animation, and acting services. These are available both in English and Spanish. Upon these vocal storytelling services, I accumulate experience within the music industry as a vocalist, offering outstanding covers in pop, R&B, and…